I once joked with my wife that anything and everything could be found on the net. I guess this is my little homestead on the net. Not that my contributions signal the end of anything, but if you can find anything on the net, then you ought to be able to find someone who has made their living on computers for as long as I have.


The purpose of this site is to give you an idea of who I am and a home for the things I'm involved in. Sometimes, recruiters are looking for a resume, and if you're looking for a traditional resume then try the link above, or this. It doesn't contain any of the of the depth of this site, but for those folks that have to put something in a manilla folder, there it is. There's also a Word version of the resume, here.

I've found that a recent trend in senior technical recruiting is to have a project-focused resume and in keeping with that trend this includes many projects that aren't covered in the traditional version which show more depth to my experience and skill set. Once again, there is a Word version.

Contacting me

It's easy to just send me an email, but I also run Adium constantly so that I'm available via AOL IM as drbobbeaty, and Yahoo IM as drbobbeaty, and MSN IM as drbobbeaty@hotmail.com, and Google Talk as drbobbeaty@gmail.com - so if you want to chat, give me a ring. Things can get pretty hectic at times, but answering my email is something I do within 24 hours - without fail. It may be 4:00 am when I get around to it, but I'll get there.

Artistic Credit

In the early days of the web, artistic skills weren't as important as they are now, and thanks to the generous souls at Open Designs I was able to augment my limited skills by picking up this wonderful template and give my site a much needed artistic boost.